Creating a SQL database in Microsoft Azure portal

1) Open

2) Start a free trial there. Put your email and password and get in. You will see
the below screen.

3) Click on “All resources”


4) Click on “Add”,


5) Click on “Databases” and then “SQL Database”.


6) Click on “Sign Up for a new subscription” and selected as shown in the below screenshot,


7) Provide details about you and get the Azure Subscription.

8) Once you have the subscription in place, Perform steps 3 to 5 again.

9) Below screen comes up once you click on “+Add”, “Databases” and then “SQL Database”. Click on “Server” and provide all details related to the server and click “Select”.


10) You will see a screen like the below. Click on “Server” and in this case I have selected “Basic” instead of default “Standard” for cost reasons and Click “Apply”.


11) Click on “Create” now. Wait for the deployment to complete,


12) Once the deployment completes. Click on “All Resources” and you will see the “SQL serve” and the “SQL Database” as shown in the screenshot below,


13) Click on the “SQL Database” and you will see the “Server name” and “connection strings”.


14) Click on “Set server firewall” and add the IP addresses of machines that will be accessing the SQL server. Incase there are ipaddresses from to, you can basically put that in START IP and END IP. Click on Save.



15) Open SQL server management studio and type the server name. Select “SQL server Authentication” and use the login that you created in step 9. In my case I created login “JBAdmin”.

16) Below is what I see,


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