Azure Managed Instance

Azure Managed Instance as per my understanding is a new essence of Azure SQL database. It is more compatible to On-Premise SQL Server than Azure SQL database. It provides network isolation addressing some common security concerns with Azure SQL database. Managed Instance allows minimal database and application changes while moving from On-Premise to Azure. It provides automatic patching, backups, high availability same as PaaS offerings.

I have started testing the managed Instance and will list down the capabilities below as I go,

1) My first Azure Managed instance.
2) Connecting to Azure Managed instance from a virtual machine.
3) Checking SQL Server errorlog in Azure managed Instance. 
4) Trace Flags enabled in Azure Managed Instance
5) Is Trace Flag 1117 enabled in Azure Managed Instance?
6) Physical_database_name column in sys.databases
7) Restore a database backup to an Azure Managed Instance


1) Getdate() function
2) Sp_configure on Managed instance

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