Conversations with State Disconnected_inbound piling up in Sys.Conversation_Endpoint

-> I was working on a Service broker issue where conversations with State Disconnected_inbound was piling up in Sys.Conversation_Endpoint.

-> Each new conversation that is initiated ends up with a state Disconnected_inbound in Sys.Conversation_Endpoint.

-> DI Disconnected inbound. The remote side of the conversation has issued an END CONVERSATION. The conversation remains in this state until the local side of the conversation issues an END CONVERSATION. An application might still receive messages for the conversation. Because the remote side of the conversation has ended the conversation, an application cannot send messages on this conversation. When an application issues an END CONVERSATION, the conversation moves to the CD (Closed) state.

-> I confirmed with my Client that Service broker is indeed working and that the results are written to the required destination. It is just that these conversations are not getting closed properly.

-> I checked the stored procedures associated with Service broker on that database and was able to see below code,

@ConversationHandle = @ConversationHandle

-> There was a mistake in above code. Instead of ConversationHandle it was wrongly depicted as @ConversationHandle.

-> I changed the above code to below,

@ConversationHandle = ConversationHandle

-> Usage of @ConversationHandle instead of ConversationHandle always results in NULL for @ConversationHandle, which in turn doesn’t end the conversation properly.

-> This resolved the issue. It was a minor mistake, but had huge impact on the overall process.

Thank You,
Vivek Janakiraman

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