TSQL Queries related to Database Backup and Restore

-> TSQL to monitor Backup and Restore operation,

SELECT start_time, percent_complete, DATEADD (ss,DATEDIFF
(ss,start_time,getdate()) / percent_complete * 100,start_time) AS Expected_end_time, st.text as SQL, command as Current_Command
,session_id FROM sys.dm_exec_requests er CROSS APPLY
sys.dm_exec_sql_text(er.sql_handle) st
WHERE percent_complete > 0

-> TSQL to find backup history for a database.

select b.database_name, b.type, bf.physical_device_name, b.backup_start_date,
b.backup_finish_date, b.backup_size/1024/1024/1024 as Backup_size_in_GB
from msdb..backupset b
left outer join msdb..backupmediafamily bf on bf.media_set_id = b.media_set_id
where b.type in('D') and b.database_name = 'JBDB'
order by b.backup_finish_date desc

-> TSQL to find restore history for a database.

SELECT [rs].[destination_database_name],
[bs].[database_name] as [source_database_name],
[bs].[server_name] as [source_server_name],
[bmf].[physical_device_name] as [backup_file_used_for_restore]
,[bs].[type] as BackupType
FROM msdb..restorehistory rs
INNER JOIN msdb..backupset bs
ON [rs].[backup_set_id] = [bs].[backup_set_id]
INNER JOIN msdb..backupmediafamily bmf
ON [bs].[media_set_id] = [bmf].[media_set_id]
where [rs].[destination_database_name]='JBDB'
[rs].[restore_date] DESC

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