TSQL query to find Enterprise features availability in a SQL Server Instance

-> Below query can be used to find if a database instance uses Enterprise features or not.

set nocount on
Declare @name varchar(255)
declare @sql varchar(max)
create table #Features(
ServerName varchar(29),
DatabaseName varchar(100),
feature_name varchar(100),
feature_id int)
SELECT name FROM sys.databases
OPEN db_cursor

DECLARE DatabaseBackup_cursor CURSOR FOR
select name from sys.databases where state=0
OPEN DatabaseBackup_cursor
FETCH NEXT FROM DatabaseBackup_cursor into @name

set @sql = 'SELECT @@servername,''['+@name+']'' as DatabaseName,*
FROM ['+@name+'].sys.dm_db_persisted_sku_features
ORDER BY feature_name;'

insert into #Features
exec (@sql)
FETCH NEXT FROM DatabaseBackup_cursor into @name
CLOSE DatabaseBackup_cursor
DEALLOCATE DatabaseBackup_cursor
CLOSE db_cursor
DEALLOCATE db_cursor
select * from #Features
drop table #Features

-> I use this query predominantly to see if existing Enterprise edition SQL Server instances use Enterprise features or not. This allows me to see if a SQL Server instance can be moved to Standard edition from Enterprise if there are no enterprise features used.

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Vivek Janakiraman

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