Deploy required Azure IaaS Virtual Machine – Part3

Domain Controller – JBSDC

-> Below Azure Virtual Machine will be provisioned to be used as a Domain Controller. I have allowed In-Bound port 3389 for RDP as this is a Lab setup.

-> Disks Tab,

-> Networking Tab. Make sure a Standard SKU is selected for Public IP Address.

-> Tabs “Management”, “Advanced” and “Tags” are default in my case. Click “Create”,

Database Server – JBSAG1

-> Search for “SQL Virtual Machine” on Azure portal. Please note that I am selecting a “Free SQL Server License: SQL 2019 Developer Edition” as this is a lab. In reality you will need to utilize an enterprise edition.

-> Selecting an Image as mentioned here will have additional SQL Server components such as Analysis and Integration Services. You can either disable\uninstall them if you don’t use or You can provision an Azure Virtual machine and then Install SQL Server on it which will allow you to select only required components.

-> Disks Tab,

-> Networking Tab. Make sure a Standard SKU is selected for Public IP Address.

->Tabs “Management” and “Advanced” are default in my case.

-> Tab “SQL Server Settings”. Click on “Change Configuration” under storage,

-> Please select appropriate settings to suit your performance requirement. In my case as this is a lab, I am utilizing a single disk for both data and log file and also selecting a smaller 64GB disk,

->Tab “Tags” is default in my case.

Database Server – JBSAG2

-> Follow the same method and provision an Azure virtual machine named JBSAG2 same as JBSAG1.

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