Connecting to Azure Managed instance from a virtual machine

1) Create  a new subnet in the VNet JB_VN for a virtual machine

-> Click on Dashboard. Select resource group JB_RG and then Virtual network JB_VN. Click on Subnets under Settings and click Subnet.


-> Complete the details as below and click OK.


2) Create a virtual machine in the new subnet in the VNet

-> Click “Create a resource” and select “Windows Server 2016 VM”


-> Complete the required details and proceed further,



-> On the Settings, select Subnet and select JB_VM_Subnet and click OK.


-> On the Summary page, check the details and click Create.

3) Connect to virtual machine

-> Once the VM is created, Connect to it.


-> Download the RDP file and connect to the RDP session.

-> In Server Manager, Click Local Server and select on in “IE Enhanced Security Configuration”. Select Off and click OK.


-> Open Internet explorer. Download and Install SSMS from

-> Once SSMS installation completes. Click on Dashboard and select Resource group JB_RG. Select Managed Instance jb and copy the host as shown below,


-> Open SSMS and connect to the Managed Instance,



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